Is there a way to spare Maiko? (2024)

Is there a way to spare Maiko?

Choice: You do not pay along with Maiko's plan and instead declare that the dolls are free and/or attack the Tyger Claws.

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Is it better to kill Maiko or not?

Killing Maiko will ensure that you will get the next and last quest, the romance quest. If you go along with Maiko's plan or accept her payment, Judy will want nothing to do with you and all your chance of a date with Judy will vanish into thin air.

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Can you still romance Judy after killing Maiko?

Killing Maiko will not affect your relationship with Judy, but she will be shocked by your murderous decision. If you want to agree with Maiko's plan and have a relationship with Judy, you'll need to select 'Hiromi's has to go' followed by 'Maiko'll run things as she does now.'

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What happens if you let Maiko take over clouds?

Consequence: This will result in a peaceful resolution with the Tyger Claws gang and Maiko will become the new boss of Clouds. Judy will be okay with this and the opportunity to romance her in the next side job in this quest line will remain open.

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Can you save Tom and Roxanne cyberpunk?

If V refuses Maiko's plan and kills the Tyger Claws bosses, V will need to fight Maiko but can take her down with a non-lethal weapon. However, if V kills the Tyger Claws, the gang will take revenge on Clouds, and both Tom and Roxanne will die - along with most of the dolls.

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Will Judy hate me if I kill Maiko?

Pay careful attention, as this will determine whether or not you'll end up fighting the Tyger Claws, the future of Clouds, and your ability to finish Judy's questline. Judy will hate you, and you will be locked out of her remaining quests. Maiko will become the boss of Clouds.

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Should I let Maiko live cyberpunk?

Sparing Milko to help Alan will provide a lot of eddies and possibly a good feeling of knowing that things should be working out okay for everyone. Killing Milko will protect Indira from him, and give some good loot to go along with the reward from Mr. Hands.

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Should I give Judy a cigarette?

Give her some privacy and time will advance a bit, leaving you on the roof of Judy's apartment with her. She'll ask you for a cigarette. Give her one and she tells you that the cigarette case you're holding was Evelyn's.

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Can you sleep with Panam again?

How do you sleep with Panam again? Once you join the Nomads around the campfire, choose the option to Scooch closer to Panam and you'll put your arm around her after you tell her you're going to head to bed.

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Can you sleep with Judy again?

How can I sleep with Judy again? Judy can be romanced but only by a female character with a female body type. In the final side quest, you can be intimate with her. The romance will take you to the waterside and be followed up by a steamy romantic scene in the cabin.

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Should you side with Judy or Maiko?

By betraying Judy and siding with Maiko, you not only lose the opportunity to complete Judy's final quest and receive her mock shotgun, but also receive a final goodbye text message from Judy, indicating the end of your relationship. "Evelyn wanted everything in one go too immediately.

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Can Judy be romanced by male V?

Here are all the characters V can romance in Cyberpunk 2077, and their requirements: Judy - V must have female voice and body type to romance. Panam - V must have male body type to romance, with any voice. River - V must have female body type to romance, with any voice.

Is there a way to spare Maiko? (2024)
Can you convince Maiko to help?

Walkthrough. Head to the terrace area where you can talk to Judy a bit about Maiko before she'll head inside to talk to her to try and get Maiko's assistance with taking over Clouds. However, no matter what you say, Maiko will refuse to assist in whatever plans you have and asks you to leave.

Can Jackie survive cp77?

Can you save Jackie in Cyberpunk 2077? Spoiler alert! Unfortunately not, and you have the heartbreaking job of deciding where to send his remains. It's an emotional decision to make after the relationship you've built with him over the course of the prologue, but it's time to decide where your best bud is heading next.

Does Johnny get mad if you save Takemura?

Does saving Takemura affect Johnny? Not really. If you decide to save Takemura then he will appear later on in the game.

Who can you marry in Cyberpunk?

Though there are a few characters you can end up with in terms of brief intimate encounters, there are only four main romance paths. Those characters include Judy Alvarez, Panam Palmer, River Ward, and Kerry Eurodyne.

Why does Maiko hate v?

If V does not go along with the plan, the bosses and Hiromi will see them as weak and attack V. After killing them, depending on the dialogue, Maiko might attack V for ruining her plans and V can choose to kill or incapacitate her, or she can accept the new situation though not being happy about it.

What happens if you don't kiss Judy?

What happens if you don't kiss Judy? If you fail to do so, you'll receive one more opportunity at the romance — hug her after missing the chance to kiss her. This will cause the romantic encounter to begin.

What happens if I romance Judy?

Once you're finally in a relationship with Judy in Cyberpunk 2077, a number of changes will occur. The first is that Judy will have a new flirtatious line when you either call her or start a conversation in-person. There is also a new, but small, conversation tree if you talk to Judy in her flat.

Do I let Milko live?

The choice is yours: Do you take out Milko to protect your client or do you let him live and trust that Alan will topple the entire operation for good? The good news is that either decision will complete the gig, so don't worry about potentially failing the quest.

Should I stay with Dex Cyberpunk?

So it's all a bit of decoy decision that feels like it has an impact but ultimately has no real effect whatsoever. Whatever you say things will play out in exactly the same way and you'll reach the same point later, so don't lose sleep over this one.

How do you get Maiko to help in cyberpunk?

When you see a ladder on the wall to your right toward the end, climb it and you'll reach a balcony where Judy stands above Clouds. Talk to her and follow her to Maiko. Do not select the "waste of time" option when speaking to Maiko. This will prematurely end the side job.

Should you romance Judy or Panam?

Ultimately, any player can choose a romantic partner in the game that appeals to them, but for those looking to experience the best romance Cyberpunk 2077 has to offer, in addition to one of its most endearing and compelling characters, Judy Alvarez is the choice.

Should you lift Evelyn Cyberpunk?

Eventually, Judy will mention calling NCPD to come by and you'll get a choice to move Evelyn's body. The optional dialogue, “Prolly shouldn't move her.” doesn't advance the mission. Bring her body to her bedroom while Judy finishes up a conversation with the NCPD.

Can you seduce Judy as a male?

Can a male V romance Judy? While Judy by default can only be romanced by female player characters, there's a way to make her fall in love to a male V. However, it requires some tinkering with your game's files. This also means that this method is only applicable to PC players.


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