Is Remini app safe? (2024)

Is Remini app safe?

Bending Spoons, the company that owns Remini, told the I-Team that facial recognition is not used in the app, and that images are encrypted and stored with a reputable U.S.-based provider, using what they say are "state-of-the-art security standards." The company said users always retain control over their data, and ...

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Are my photos safe on Remini?

Are my photos safe with Remini? Other applications change their privacy settings often without telling you. Using Remini is as safe as using email, the path of choice for most people sharing data. The big difference is Remini keeps everything organized.

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Does Remini collect your photos?

If you have an account and upon your consent, we will receive images, videos and audio-recordings uploaded by you. We do not collect or use Facial Data of US based users to improve our photo-video editing and enhancing features nor to train our photo-video editor algorithms.

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Why not to use Remini?

Many people found the app was making unwelcome adjustments to their bodies in the resulting photos. For instance, some women remarked the app was making them much skinnier while others noticed it was greatly enhancing the size of their breasts or cleavage.

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Is Remini a good app?

Remini is one of the most popular and beloved photo-enhancement apps in the world. Delight your parents by revamping their vintage photo albums. Remini's incredible, movie-grade AI technology does all the hard work. You can enjoy the results together.

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Can any apps steal my photos?

When you give an app permission to access your photos, it can potentially use them for many purpose: For marketing such as sharing them in social media or displaying them in advertisem*nts. To train algorithms and artificial intelligence. To collect data shown in the photos and use that data for analytics.

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Which app is better than Remini?

Fotor AI photo enhancer is the best Remini alternative which can significantly improve the quality of your photos, instantly restoring the quality and bringing them back to clarity.

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Does Remini sell your data?

Sharing your details with third parties

Remini does not share the details that are collected when using the Platform with third parties, except in the following situations: Giving users of the Platform access to details that you have chosen to share with them.

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What data does Remini collect?

Data collected
  • Financial info. Purchase history. expand_more. Data collected and for what purpose. ...
  • Photos and videos. Photos. expand_more. ...
  • App activity. App interactions and Other user-generated content. expand_more. ...
  • App info and performance. Crash logs. expand_more. ...
  • Device or other IDs. Device or other IDs. expand_more.

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What is the safest app to store photos?

If you lose or someone steals one of your devices, you can rest easy knowing that all the data they have doesn't contain personal images.
  • 8 Best Secure Photo Apps to Try in 2023. ...
  • Internxt. ...
  • Vaulty. ...
  • Calculator Photo Vault. ...
  • Keepsafe Photo Vault. ...
  • Gallery Lock. ...
  • Secret Photo Vault. ...
  • Private Photo Vault.
Jan 11, 2023

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How much is Remini per month?

Top In-App Purchases
Remini Pro WeeklyWeekly$9.99
Remini Lite WeeklyWeekly$4.99
Remini Pro WeeklyWeekly$9.99
1 MonthMonthly$4.99
6 more rows

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Who owns Remini?

Bending Spoons, the company that owns Remini, told the I-Team that facial recognition is not used in the app, and that images are encrypted and stored with a reputable U.S.-based provider, using what they say are "state-of-the-art security standards." The company said users always retain control over their data, and ...

Is Remini app safe? (2024)
Is Remini still free?

Remini is a popular app that uses artificial intelligence to enhance old and low-quality photos. However, Remini is not free, and it can be quite expensive to use.

How do I delete data from Remini?

You can request the erasure of your personal data at any time by reaching out to our Privacy team through the contact information available in the applicable Privacy Policy. Simply specify that you're requesting the erasure of your data for either the Remini mobile app or Remini Web, as appropriate.

What does Remini do to photos?

Unblur & Sharpener

Using generative AI technology, Remini can instantly unblur and sharpen your photos.

How many photos can enhance from Remini?

The bulk enhancer is one of the latest features launched on Remini Web—don't hesitate to check it out! All you need is a Business subscription to unlock the tool and enhance up to 15 photos at the same time. Apply a range of effects to each picture and select multiple results to download them at once to your device.

Can apps see you through your phone camera?

On Android, you can open the Settings menu and go to “Apps”, where you can review your apps individually. You can also navigate to Security & Privacy > Privacy > Permission manager to see which apps have access to your camera and microphone.

Can apps spy on you through your phone camera?

Cybercriminals (or jealous ex-partners) only need the right spyware and an entry point into your device. This could be an outdated app, an infected link, or an unencrypted Wi-Fi connection. Once they've got that, they can easily spy on you through your camera, microphone, and apps.

Can apps see you through your camera?

The Pew Research Center examined this question for over one million different Android apps, and discovered that thousands of apps are capable of activating both the front and rear-facing cameras, and streaming the video anywhere they want, all without your ever being aware of it.

What can I use instead of Remini?

  • PhotoDirector — Best Free AI Photo Enhancer. ...
  • AI Photo Enhancer — Best for Restoring Old Photos. ...
  • Vivid — Best for Sharpening Blurry Images. ...
  • PhotoAI — Best for Enhancing Color Quality. ...
  • EnhanceFox — Best for Colorizing Vintage Photos. ...
  • Pixelup — Best for Animating Photos. ...
  • PhotoTune — Best for Retouching Portraits.
Jul 17, 2023

What are the benefits of Remini app?

  • Face Enhance. Increase quality of faces.
  • Face Glow. Give to people a new look and feel.
  • Auto Color. Adjust and improve colors and tones.
  • Background Enhance. Increase the quality of every detail.

Does Remini edit your face?

Remini automatically adjusts the lighting and colors to bring out your best features. From skin smoothing to brightening eyes and teeth.

What can I use instead of Remini free online?

  • VanceAI Image Enhancer. Picture enhancer, or VanceAI Image Enhancer – One tap enhancement: it is an online photo editor that helps you make stunning pictures with only one click. ...
  • Befunky. ...
  • ...
  • Adobe Photoshop. ...
  • AI. ...
  • FotoJet. ...
  • AVCLabs. ...
  • DeepImage.
Jun 21, 2023

What app drains data the most?

Which of my apps use the most data?
  • Streaming apps such as Netflix, Stan, Disney+ and BINGE.
  • Social media apps such as Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram.
  • GPS and ridesharing apps such as Uber, DiDi and Maps.
Feb 5, 2020

How accurate is Remini?

It has two irredeemable drawbacks: It doesn't actually find detail in the blurred photo. Instead, it borrows other people's facial features from its massive library. It's clever technology, but with Frankenstein results.


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