8 Best Automatic Washing Machines for December 2022 (2024)

What are the distinct features of automatic washing machines?

Automatic washing machines have greatly developed technologically over the past decade. Manufacturers offer a lot of solutions to make everyday clothes washing easier.

An automatic washing machine mostly refers to models with front doors - so called front loaders. The standard size of a device like this is 60 cm x 50-60 cm, with the height of 85 cm. There are also smaller models, such as the ones with decreased depth. Thanks to this, you can match a particular product with the dimensions of the interior you intend to put the washing machine in.

Nowadays, automatic washing machines are distinct for their spinning rate or the wide choice of temperatures. The market offers many models with the latest technologies such as shortened washing cycles, an option to throw something while the machine operates or intelligent measuring of the amount of laundry in the drum. Some devices offer a delayed start option or even remote control via a smartphone app. Manufacturers add more and more new solutions to improve the quality of washing and make it as convenient as possible. This way, the best washing machines on the market are made.

What are the advantages of automatic washing machines?

Front loaded automatic washing machines are the most popular type of laundry devices. Their prevalence is a result of many useful functions. The loading method is the biggest benefit of those devices - they are front loaded. It results from the fact that a bigger opening is more convenient to put all the clothes in.

The price-functionality ratio is another aspect. Automatic front load washing machines typically have much more useful functions. For instance, there are models that wash using steam, washers with drying function and removing animal hair from the fabric. Those are the best washing machines for pet owners.

An automatic washing machine - the most common drawbacks

The size is the first possibly negative quality of an automatic washing machine with a front door. Typically, such models are quite wide and tall, and they take a lot of space in a room. Additionally, one has to remember about the space in front of the device before purchasing a device, so that the door can be easily opened.

Loading from the front might be inconvenient for some users - it requires bending over or crouching. It might be problematic for those who suffer from spine issues.

Who are automatic washing machines for?

Automatic washers are very universal. You should be able to find a suitable model for you among the offers available on the market. Those who have enough space will like this solution the most - particularly because typically, an automatic washing machine is quite wide.

There are certain models favoured by those who like modern functions. Manufacturers offer a lot of innovative solutions that make the clothes washing process much easier.

Where can I purchase an automatic washing machine?

Automatic washing machines are the typical devices available in home appliances stores. When searching for a product, make sure to use the information provided by manufacturers, which might help you in picking the right model. If you cannot find a particular device in a physical store, consider purchasing it online. Many stores offer free delivery and installation of the device, along with taking the old washing machine away.

How much does an automatic washer cost?

The price range of automatic washing machines is quite wide. You can get the most basic models for a few hundred dollars. The more additional features a particular device has, the higher its price. Before purchasing a model, think about whether you are going to use all of its functions. Perhaps a simpler and cheaper model is a better option for you. Regardless, it’s always reasonable to pay a little more for a better energy efficient device - it can decrease the costs of use.

What automatic washing machines are available on the market?

Manufacturers offer a lot of laundry devices. Automatic washing machines differ by certain parameters like:

  • capacity - from 4 kg up to even 9 kg,
  • size - the standard depth is 50-60 cm but there are also slimmer models,
  • spinning speed - the rate can reach up to 1600 rpm,
  • energy efficiency rating - it informs of the amount of energy used by the device,
  • useful functions - the latest models offer many interesting solutions.

If you decide to buy a new washing machine, make sure to consider your individual needs and living conditions. This way, you can easily pick the right size and parameters of the device.

8 Best Automatic Washing Machines for December 2022 (2024)


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