5 Sentence Patterns for Beginners - KoreanClass101 (2024)

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Hi, everyone! I’m Jaehwi. Welcome back to Korean Top Words. In this video, we’ll be talking about 5 sentence patterns for beginners. Let’s begin!
1. 제 이름은[A ]입니다. (Je ireumeun [A] imnida.) "My name is [A]."
So after you say 제 이름은 (Je ireumeun) which means “My name is”, you can just put your name and say 입니다 (imnida). 입니다 (Imnida) is the word meaning “to be” so unlike English, you have to put your name in the middle of the sentence.
So for example, my name is Jaehwi, so I can say - 제 이름은 Jae 입니다. (Je ireumeun Jaehwi imnida.) "My name is Jaehwi."
2. 저는 [ A ]입니다. (Jeoneun [A]imnida.) "I am [A]."
So I think this is kind of the magic sentence pattern. You can put anything in there. You can even put the name of your job. You can also put your nationality like ethnic group or anything in there because that literally means I am something.
So for example, if you are, let’s say, from the UK, you can say - 저는 영국 사람 입니다. (Jeoneun youngguk saramimnida.). By using the word 영국 사람 (youngguk saram) which means “British” or literally means “the person from the UK” and if your job is a student, you can say - 저는 학생 입니다. (Jeoneun haksaengimnida.) using the noun 학생 (haksaeng) which means a student. So you just put anything in there. Just say 저는 (Jeoneun) which means “I am” and then put a noun and say 입니다 (imnida) which means “to be”.
3. [A]어디예요? ( [A] eodiyeyo?) "Where is [A]?"
So when you want to see where something is, you just have to put the noun about the place at the beginning and say 어디예요 (eodiyeyo). Make sure to raise the tone at the end of sentence as in 어디예요 (eodiyeyo), not 어디예요 (eodiyeyo). It’s because when you say 어디예요 (eodiyeyo), it becomes a question, but if you say 어디예요 (eodiyeyo), it becomes a statement. So make sure to say 어디예요 (eodiyeyo) when you ask a question.
So if you are in a park and if you want to know where a restaurant is, you can use the noun 화장실 (hwajangsil) which means “restroom” and then just say 어디예요 (eodiyeyo).
화장실 어디예요] (Hwajangsil eodiyeyo?) “Where is the restroom?”
4. 저는 [ A ]에 살아요. (Jeoneun [A]e sarayo.) "I live in [A(noun)]."
So unlike English, you have to put the name of the place in the middle of the sentence.
So if you live in Seoul, 서울 (Seoul) in Korean, you can say - 저는 서울에 살아요. (Jeoneun seoure sarayo.). So simply say - 저는 (Jeoneun) which means I do, I am and then the name of the place and say 에 살아요 (e sarayo). Here, 에 (e) is the particle for location. If you put the particle 에 (e) right after the place’s name, it becomes “in Seoul” for example like as in 서울에 (seoure). For sure like in many cases, you can just skip saying the particle and just say - 저는 서울 살아요. (Jeoneun seour sarayo.), but it sounds a little bit unnatural so it’s better to use the particle 에 (e) if you can remember it correctly.
5. 저는 [ A ] 좋아해요. (Jeoneun [A] joahaeyo.) "I like [A (noun)]."
So 좋아해요 (joahaeyo) is the verb meaning “to like something”. So if you like something, you just say 저는 (Jeoneun) and the object and just say좋아해요 (joahaeyo) which means “I like (something).”
So for example, if you like 한국 (hanguk) “Korea”, everything about Korea, you can say - 저는 한국 좋아해요. (Jeoneun hanguk joahaeyo.) "I like Korea."
I think this is the magic word to make more Korean fans when you see someone for the first time.
If you like something else like let’s say 갈비 (galbi) which is a kind of “marinated beef or pork”, you can say - 저는 갈비 좋아해요. (Jeoneun galbi joahaeyo.) "I like Galbi.", the marinated beef or pork.



5 Sentence Patterns for Beginners - KoreanClass101 (2024)


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